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Responsible Travel with Asianway Travel

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Travel with Asianway Travel isn’t simply travel.

With our vision to not only create much better traveling experience for our guests, we also aim to help improve local communities in environment reservation, culture sharing and economy development; at the same time to raise the awareness on travel with responsibility among tourists.

What is Responsible Travel?

Responsible Travel or Responsible Tourism is tourism that minimizes the negative impacts and generates greater positive benefits on the environment, economy and society, enhances the well-being of host communities.

Responsible Travel with Asianway Travel

As a tour operator, Asianway travel is committed to designing and operating our holidays in such a way to ensure we maximize the positive effects of tourism on the local economies, cultures and the environment whilst minimizing any negative impacts.

Asianway Travel is committed to making tourism in Vietnam and Indochina more sustainable which is defined by our specific visions and actions: respect the environment by doing ecotourism, empowering local communities through, our foundation, Sen Foundation and making positive social impacts focusing on sharing cultural values.

Traveling with us is different because…


  • We aim to use local suppliers wherever possible.
  • We aim to ensure that our type and scale of tourism is appropriate to local conditions and does not overload local infrastructure.
  • Where possible we will encourage local involvement and provide financial support for economic, social or environmental projects that will benefit the local communities.
  • We encourage our customers to buy local crafts and support local craftsmanship


  • We aim to minimize water and atmospheric pollution from any specific tourism development we use.
  • We will take into consideration economic, environmental and cultural issues when looking at new destinations.
  • We aim to achieve zero litter policies everywhere.
  • We aim to work closely with all relevant local bodies and authorities to help preserve or improve the environment and deliver a long-term benefit for the host community.
  • We will run our head office in a responsible manner by using fair-trade products, monitoring, and where possible reducing, our energy usage, as well as recycling.


  • We will attempt to operate our holidays in a way that encourages positive cultural exchanges.
  • We will encourage our clients, through our literature, staff and leaders, to act in a socially responsible way.
  • We will attempt to impart an insight and understanding of the host culture and community to our clients so that they can gain more from visiting them.
  • We will encourage and train our local partners and staff to gain an insight into the culture and way of life of our clients.
  • We will attempt to integrate the ethos of responsible tourism throughout our organization.
  • We will provide regular and ongoing training in the principles and practices of responsible tourism, both to our office staff and those employed directly or indirectly in the Indochina.

Our Guide on How to Responsible Travel

We’re humble enough to know that our own efforts only aren’t enough to make tourism more sustainable. Without our guest’s efforts and understanding,

Towards Environment

  • In any case, do not harm the wildlife where you’re visiting. Do not cause any effect that may harm nature.
  • If possible, refuse to use plastic bags. In developing countries, waste management is a huge problem.
  • Follow our guidance during the tour in order to protect nature.
  • Participate in volunteering activities or donate to local animal protection NGOs

Towards Host Community

  • Respect the local culture by observing, learning and participating if possible in the host community’s customs and practices.
  • If possible, by the local products made by the host community to support local craftsmanship
  • Do not give to beggars. It will create the thought that your money is easy money and the children might be forced out of schools to beg on the streets

Our Foundation – Senfoundation

As the very first step of our long-term effort, Senfoundation was born to serve all the purposes above. Put in simpler terms, by having a tour with us, you will save one dollar for the local communities – those who really need help.

Asianway Travel seeks the easiest way for our guests who are interested in supporting host communities to participate with us right from at the beginning. As we’ve mentioned, each tourist booking tour with us will automatically donate $1 of the tour price to the host communities in Vietnam. Until today, we’ve raised a budget of $28500 which is served to fund all of our Responsible Travel’s projects in the future, focusing on economy, environment, and society.

Sen Foundation can also serve simply as a donation program through which philanthropists can donate directly without booking tours with us.

Anticipate our projects in near future!

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