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20 Check-In Locations In Ha Giang

Published on June 19, 2024
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20 Check-In Locations In Ha Giang

20 check-in locations in Ha Giang you can't miss

Ha Giang is a locality in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, about 300 km Hanoi. Ha Giang is characterized by rolling hills and winding mountain passes. With a fresh, cool climate, Ha Giang is becoming an ideal destination for tourists coming to Vietnam.

Note immediately 20 majestic and poetic Ha Giang tourist destinations for your trip.

Lung Cu Flag Tower

When mentioning the "thousands of people come to" check-in point in Ha Giang, you certainly cannot ignore the Lung Cu Flag Tower. With an altitude of over 2000m above sea level, you can see with your own eyes the beautiful national flag in the mountains, forests, and mountains, and souvenir photos are indispensable for radiant smiles and wonderful experiences. great. Lung Cu is inhabited by Lo Lo people, they are friendly and relatively hospitable. So you won't need to worry about anything if you intend to "take a trip" here.


Milestone No.0 Ha Giang

It is the first place that any tourist coming to Ha Giang wants to save beautiful images. This is the place that marks a long journey for every tourist when they first set foot to explore the Dong Van Ha Giang stone plateau. It is the starting point for a long journey through mountain passes and steep cliffs. Therefor, it has great spiritual significance, bringing many memories to remember about a unique trip for each visitor.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Considered one of the 'four great passes' in the northern mountains of Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng Pass is a route that perhaps anyone passing through Ha Giang wants to visit. the top of the pass, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Dong Van Stone Plateau and Tu San alley under the emerald green Nho Que river.

Pho Bang town

This place is known as a town that has been sleeping for hundreds of years. This beautiful tourist destination in Ha Giang is located in the Yen Minh region. When you come here, you will admire the unique, ancient, and sedimentary architectural beauty.

During the buckwheat flower season, the image of experiencing Ha Giang at Pho Bang is deeply imprinted in the hearts of tourists with the pure buckwheat flower petals. Then when you encounter a valley of roses, you will be completely conquered by that romantic beauty between heaven and earth.

Co Tien Twin Mountain

Double Mountain is located in Tam Son town, Quan Ba ​​district. This is the busiest town in Ha Giang province. Double Mountain has the appearance of a pair of attractive and quite balanced nipples. This place is also known as Co Tien Mountain. At different times of the year, Twin Mountain wears a different color. In the summer, the rice will be green and cool, in the autumn it will be golden and the color of sweet honey, in the winter it will be pale and in the spring it will be the pink color of the soil.


Vuong family mansion

The Vuong family mansion (also known as the King Meo mansion) was built by Mr. Vuong Chinh Duc (1865-1947). The architecture of the mansion is a unique blend of three architectural styles: French, Chinese and H'Mong house style. The entire 2-storey mansion has 3 palaces: front palace, middle palace and rear palace with 64 rooms for 100 people. Behind the mansion there are two solid blockhouses used as a weapons warehouse and an opium warehouse. Construction materials are made of blue stone, marble and stone pine wood (Sa Moc wood) with durability for hundreds of years, all of which are hand-carved by thousands of skilled workers Nam Dinh and Van Nam.


Sung La Valley

Sung La Valley in Dong Van town, along Highway 4C, tourists know this as a paradise of highland flowers and grass, people call Sung La Valley the place where rocks bloom. In the past the valley Mainly grew poppies, Sung La valley is now famous for many beautiful flowers. The fields, mountainsides, and hillsides here grow many flowers such as: Tam Giac Mach, Yellow Mustard, and Roses.

Nho Que River

Nho Que is one of the most beautiful rivers in the Ha Giang rock flower region. Looking down above, the Nho Que River is like a shimmering green thread extending down the sky, hidden among the vast mountains and forests of the Northeast. Located at the foot of the rugged cat-ear mountains of Ha Giang, the Nho Que river flows peacefully all year round between cliffs, forming a blue border between Ma Pi Leng pass and Sam Pun road.

Tham Ma Slope

Tham Ma Slope is one of the legendary routes that many backpackers want to conquer every time they come to Ha Giang. Tam Ma slope not only tests horse strength but also tests people's hearts. When conquering Tham Ma Slope, you will see the beautiful and attractive scenery below. Therefore, this slope is a place where many young people, those who love adventure, explore, and conquer, check-in to preserve the memories of their youth.


Pao's house

The house has appeared in famous television series in Vietnam. Pao's house was built about 80 years ago and is a traditional house of the Mong people. the entrance gate, visitors can feel the different architecture here, the entrance gate made of wood, the base of columns and fences made of stone and the yin and yang tiled roof bearing the traces of time.


Dong Van Plateau

Dong Van Stone Plateau is spread over 4 districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vat. The air here is airy, cool, and full of life. The cold winds blowing through each row of terraced fields, the majestic Ma Pi Leng pass overlooking Tu San alley, the Nho Que river inlaid with poetic jade colors,... all create a scene that is rarely found anywhere else. have been.


Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi is a stretch of land including 6 communes: Ban Luoc, Ho Thau, San Sa Ho, Ban Phung, Thong Nguyen and Nam Ty belonging to the area of ​​Ha Giang. Possessing a special geographical location in the northernmost part of Vietnam, Hoang Su Phi is memorable for its terraced fields in September and October when the rice is ripe and golden.

Du Gia

Du Gia is a commune in Yen Minh district, Ha Giang, about 70 km Ha Giang City. By riding a motorbike throughout the journey, you will enjoy super beautiful, super lovely villages across hills, mountainsides and a long stretch of buckwheat flowers.

In addition to the value of natural landscape and rich resources, this place also preserves many traditional cultural features such as: harvest festival, Gau Tao festival, granting ceremony, rice worshiping ceremony, fair, market. love,... in addition, there are also brocade costumes or gong sounds and dances with a national flavor.

Lung Khuy Cave

Dubbed the "first cave of Ha Giang" with a length of more than 300m, Lung Khuy cave has pristine beauty with many splendid stalactites and strange shapes that stimulate the imagination of visitors. Visitors can easily move around the cave because the walkway system is built with sturdy iron frames. You can observe on the cave dome the stalactites created over hundreds of years. Colorful lights help us easily observe magical stalactites with many different shapes, stimulating the imagination of visitors.


Tu San Alley

This place is considered one of the deepest canyons in Southeast Asia. Trail up the white cliffs of Tu San alley - Ha Giang. The road is at the intersection of the victory monument at the top of Ma Pi Leng pass and turns up. Previously, many foreign tourists walked up the trail to see Tu San canyon above, but riding a motorbike here is also a very special experience.


Khuoi My Village

"Poetry Day'' of Ha Giang, only about 12 km Ha Giang city center. With an altitude of 1,000 to 1,200 m and favorable nature, the climate in Khuoi My Ha Giang village is cool and fresh all year round. Behind the village is the majestic Tay Con Linh mountain range, adding to the magnificence of the picture here. Khuoi My village is actually a combination of three small villages. For example, Na Thac, Khuoi My and Lung Vai. This area is mainly inhabited by the Dao ethnic group. In Khuoi My, people mainly work in agriculture.

Fox Street

Pho Cao is known as the simple and quiet land of Ha Giang's mountains and forests, where there are no more modern equipment that makes you tired in daily life. This is also a valley in the Northwest highlands, in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. Visitors who come to Pho Cao will feel the wild and rustic features of this place.


Dong Van Old Street

Located in a quiet place in the highland mountains, Dong Van Ha Giang ancient town is a destination that many people want to explore. In addition, it is a famous tourist destination in Ha Giang, converging many cultural beauties, people and especially unique cuisine.


Yen Minh Pine Forest

Only about 40 km Quan Ba ​​twin mountains, when you arrive at this tourist destination in Ha Giang, the fresh air and the green, cool and soaring pine trees rising on the hill will make you mesmerized. amazed with excitement. Then, on this journey of yours, you will not hesitate to visit this wonderful pine forest with friendly Asianway Travel guides or form a team to explore and check-in with the pine forest, right?


Magic Cliff

This is a tourist destination in Ha Giang famous for its challenges and unique beauty bestowed by nature. Than Cliff is also known as the white cliff, nearly 160km the center of Ha Giang, located on Ma Pi Leng pass. Morover, this cliff has a quite dangerous path, so only those who have strong steering wheels and like to conquer it by motorbike.


Time you should travel to Ha Giang

Ha Giang is beautiful at all times with each unique beauty. The beauty of Ha Giang is shown through each month, suitable for the travel preferences of almost every tourist. In particular, Ha Giang is considered the most beautiful with the image of buckwheat flowers. Such as a characteristic October to November of the year, or the all-over yellow color of mustard flowers in November-December and spring. plum blossom season blooms white in the forest.


How to get to Ha Giang

Foreign tourists arrive at Noi Bai airport and enter Vietnam. Then Hanoi travel by car to Ha Giang, taking about 5-6 hours of travel. You can spend about 3-4 days in your schedule to explore and enjoy Ha Giang. The beautiful scenery and experiences here will definitely not disappoint you.

To have a suitable itinerary to explore these interesting destinations, please contact Asianway Travel to schedule an appointment today!


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