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Help me plan my trip

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam is chaotic, quite overwhelming yet historically and culturally rich.Ho Chi Minh or Sai Gon has its history dated back to hundreds of years with the Khmers were the first people who settled this area, in the 17th century, Vietnamese people took over. The French were in control during the 19th century and the US until after Vietnam War. After 30 years, the city with the name of the most beloved national hero has risen up to the top as the country’s biggest financial hub and most popular tourist destination.

Come to Ho Chi Minh City to enjoy the French architecture, the skyscrapers with unbelievable views, old temples and pagodas, delicious street foods. Ho Chi Minh City is also a destination to learn more about the past, do not miss War Remnants Museum and Cu Chi Tunnel to understand how the war was like on the other side.

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