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With a population of almost 10 million people busily trying to make a difference every day, Hanoi can be overwhelming at first. Every place you go, Vietnam’s capital buzzes with blaring horns like a bold, intimidating declaration of its rapid development. Leaving wars behind, Hanoi nowadays races forwards as the leader of a country, doesn’t forget its deep historical and traditional roots which are still present in every moment of daily life.

Hanoi, one of the most ancient capital of the world, lies along the banks of the mighty Red River. The city, as the most important center of North Vietnam, has its history dated back to thousands of years ago. Hanoi is where you can find this peculiar of mixture of the old and the new, the modern and the traditional. The capital of Vietnam has always been one of the best destinations in Vietnam for exploring on foot. You can find yourself as a part of the lively, compacted daily scene of the city where fusion of multi-cultural communities exists so vibrantly, so deeply that you find it in all corners.
Going on a short ride away from the central city of Hanoi, a whole different landscape reveals. The lush green paddy fields, mountains, ancient villages and old-time citadels intertwine in a traditional way of life. Hanoi’s outskirt can easily make a decent destination for out-of-city excursions, short treks and biking tours.

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