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3 Days In Hue - A Time Machine To The Past

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Hue city is known as the imperial capital of Vietnam, which still save its rich history in the past. The city has 5 World heritages recognized by UNESCO. Staying 3 days in Hue is not enough for the tourists to fully understand the ancient vibes of this city. However, with the suggestion of traveling to that city, we hope that you will find the best way to enjoy the city with its rhythms. 

Reasons for Spending 3 Days in Hue

The land of cultures and heritages

Hue is famous for its charm and historical sights that no place can show. Visiting Hue, visitors can view and experience the visible and intangible cultural heritages that contain numerous intellectual and spiritual values of the Vietnamese people. You can list down many named heritages in this land:

  • System of Poetry on Hue Royal Architecture – World Documentary Heritage in Asia Pacific region (2019)
  • Transcripts of the Nguyen Dynasty – World Documentary Heritage in the Asia Pacific region
  • The complex of Hue Monuments – The first World Cultural Heritage of Vietnam
  • Hue royal court music – World Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Woodblocks of the Nguyen Dynasty: a world documentary heritage

3 days in hue

The weather is pretty nice

Located between Southern Vietnam and Central Vietnam, Hue has the combined weather, so it’s not too hard or has too many disasters. Therefore, 3 days in Hue is enough for you to feel the weather. Although the weather is almost nice all the time, you should choose the right time around February to August. This time, there’s not too much rain, therefore it’s suitable for outdoor activities, exploring street food, and admiring this dreamland.

  • From January to March: The weather is cold, the trees are budding, and the scenery is beautiful. Suitable to admire the gentle beauty in Hue.
  • In April: This is the festival season in Hue when Hue Festival is celebrated. The atmosphere is vibrant, and bustling and the street is decorated very beautifully. If you are a fan of prosperity, you can travel to Hue at this time.
  • From May to August: At this time, the climate is cool and dry, also the most beautiful time to travel to Hue, especially in early August.

>> More information about Vietnamese weather: Infographic – The best time to visit Vietnam (Travel Guide & Tips 2022)

Easy to travel to other cities

Hue has a prime location in Central Vietnam. It’s near Danang city, which is chosen to be the most worth-living city in Vietnam. Moreover, Hue is not far from Hoian – the city with the integration of many cultures. Therefore, visiting Hue means you have a chance to explore Danang, Hoi An, and other historical places in a short time at an affordable price. With just 3 days in Hue, you can spend the rest of your vacation visiting Hue’s vicinity.

3 days in hue
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Dreamland for dreamers

Visiting Hue in 3 days, you can have lots of activities to do, but the most exciting activity is just going sightseeing! Hue is also suitable for honeymoon, and love anniversary… so many couples choose Hue as their romantic destination. So here are some main activities for your 3 days in Hue.

  • Visit and learn the unique architecture of the imperial mausoleum of the Nguyen Dynasty
  • Discover the impressive Central cuisine and enjoy the rustic culinary 
  • Feel the slow and peaceful life of the locals
  • Immerse yourself in special royal festivals
  • Appreciate the scenery nowhere else in the magical land of Hue…

Best Places to Visit in 3 Days in Hue

Imperial City Hue 

The Imperial Citadel of Hue, also known as the Citadel, is the most famous tourist attraction in Hue, associated with the history of the Nguyen Dynasty. The Imperial Citadel of Hue, including the Forbidden City and the Royal Palace, was built with unique royal architecture, with historical and cultural values intact. It has also been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

Moreover, you can try traditional costumes while visiting this place. Check-in with your friends and family here will be lots of fun! Because you will feel like you’re turning back to the past with the time machine. Besides, the photograph service is so fast and furious that you quickly receive the physical picture in a day.
Place: FH9H+MQ5, Hue city.

3 days in hue

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Gia Long Tomb

Gia Long Tomb, also known as Thien Tho Lang, is located in a mountain range quite far from the center. But this place is said to have the most beautiful feng shui location in the complex of tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty kings. This Hue tourist destination attracts those who like the peaceful and ancient beauty.

Place: 9H6W+PP8, Huong Tho, Huong Tra, Hue city.

3 days in hue

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market is the largest and oldest market in Hue, located on the banks of the romantic Perfume River with more than 100 years of development. This is one of the must-visit places that tourists come and shop when traveling to Hue. The market sells a variety of goods from affordable to high-end.

3 days in hue

Bao Quoc Pagoda

The pagoda was built in the style of the Chinese “Mouth” word, where many tomb towers of the Patriarchs are located. This place is also famous for many thrilling stories about Ham Long well. Today, Bao Quoc Pagoda is visited by many tourists to admire and worship Buddha for peace.

Place: Bao Quoc Street, Phuong Duc, Hue city.

3 days in hue

Thuan An Beach

Not only famous for the on-land heritages but Hue is also known for its beautiful Thuan An beach. Thuan An Hue beach with clear blue water, fine white sand, and wild beauty captivates many tourists who have the opportunity to travel to Hue. The best time to go to Thuan An beach is early in the morning. You will see the bustling scene of fishermen’s boats full of fish and shrimp, enjoying the fresh seafood they have just caught.

Place: Thuan An Hometown, Phu Vang Province, Hue city.

3 days in hue

Thai Hoa Palace

This place is known as the most important construction of the Nguyen dynasty—the last dynasty in Vietnam. People visit the Thai Hoa palace for the unique design of this palace, which is meant to represent a deep yin yang balance. Therefore, both the physical and the spiritual are in perfect harmony. However, numerous extensive repairs had to be done to the inside to restore the damage caused during the battle of Hue, because the palace survived the Vietnam War bombings. 

Place: At the heart of the Hue Citadel, right after crossing the Ngo Mon Gate. 

3 days in hue

Best Food to Have in 3 Days in Hue

Every dish of Hue traditional food is subtly designed, therefor they can show the elegant feature of local cuisine. While having Hue dishes, tourists can understand the lifestyle of people in this land, and strangely feel like being in an imperial period that nowhere in Vietnam can make them feel the same. 

Hue Beef Noodles (Bun Bo Hue)

Hue Beef Noodles is the specialty in Hue. This food is famous for its special broth, spices, and its big noodles. The broth is made of deeply baked pork and beef bones, so its taste is really sweet, fragrant, and unforgettable. Although the name just mentions beef, each bowl of noodles has more than 1 basic ingredient. There is a bar of boiled pork blood, a piece of pork leg, some pork slices, some pieces of crab sausage, and lots of vegetables such as basils, mints, spinach, perilla, and beansprouts.

Before having this food, don’t forget to add a little sour lemon and spicy chili. During your meal, you might find it a bit salty and full, so remember to eat with vegetables and herbs. Your Hue Noodles will be even more flavorful.

Recommendation: Madame Tuyet – Hue Beef Noodles: No. 47 Nguyen Cong Tru Street.

3 days in hue

Hue bloating-fern-shaped Cake (Banh Beo Hue)

“Banh Beo” means duckweed or bloating fern in English. To be more clear, the name of duckweed can be originated from its shape because the shape of the cake is similar to the leaf of a duckweed. Besides, another unique thing about this food is the way it is served in many pieces of a small bowl and arranged in a flat basket. The dough cake is almost clear white, thin in size, and very soft. Each set of banh beo is not only eye-catching but also expresses Hue’s signature cuisine. 

On the top of a bowl of Banh Beo, there is a little fried onion, and dried shrimp powder. Before eating, you should add a few oiled green onions, sprinkle some pieces of crispy pork skin, then pour a spoon of sweet fish sauce for more savory. The food is so tasty that you will surely eat a set of bloating-fern-shaped cakes (about 6 small cups) right at once!

Recommendation: O L (Me Le) Cake: 104/17/9 Kim Long Street.

3 days in hue

Rice dumpling cake (Banh bot loc)

Rice dumpling cake is the English name for “Banh bot loc”. You might have found shrimp in many dishes, but have you ever found a shrimp in a clear piece of cake and wrapped in banana leaves? They are all the unique ingredients of this cake. The special dough makes the layer of the cake chewy, sweet, and clear. You can easily see the inside of each small pie, which is exciting and impressive. 

The ingredient inside the cake is the fatty taste of a small shrimp, a piece of grilled belly meat. While having this pie, you can dip it with a sweet and spicy fish sauce or chili sauce. Banh bot loc will surely make Hue tourists unable to put down their chopsticks.

Recommendation: Ms. Thuy: No.16 Pham Hong Thai Street.

3 days in hue

Flat rice dumplings (Banh Nam)

If you just have 3 days in Hue, you cannot miss Banh Nam – Flat rice dumplings. Banh Nam is a typical rustic dish of Hue. The cake has a delicious, soft, and rich shrimp flavor. This food has the similar look as the rice dumpling cake but is thinner and larger. 

To eat this food in the right way, you should peel off the leaves on top of the cake while letting the rest of the wrapping leaves below. Then, you will spread the cake on a flat plate, drop a little sweet and sour sauce on top and enjoy by scooping each piece with a spoon.

Recommendation: O L (Me Le) Cake: 104/17/9 Kim Long Street.

3 days in hue

Hue sweet soup (Che Hue)

Hue is such a paradise of sweet soup that you can not count exactly the number of kinds of sweet soup in Hue. One of the most well-known Hue sweet soups is the Vietnamese rainbow dessert. This food is made with mung bean paste, jelly, tropical fruits, and coconut milk, therefore they are full of 7 colors. If you want to have a deep sleep, you can try lotus seeds sweet soup to calm down your mind. The Hue Lotus is primely fragrant, and pure, therefore the soup became so special and delicious in this land. Additionally, if you want to have a more creative dish, you can try roasted pork wrapped in cassava flour sweet soup! It is sweet, salty, and fresh at the same time as its name.

Recommendation: Hem Sweet Soup: No. 29 Hung Vuong Street.

3 days in hue

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Souvenirs For 3 Days in Hue

Spending 3 days in Hue can be not enough for you. Don’t miss the souvenirs to save the Hue longer in your heart and spread Hue’s unique features to your beloved people.

Sesame sprinkled gum – Me xung 

Sesame candy is a sweet gummy candy, which is made from malt mixed with peanut oil, and sesame wrapped around the candy. It is cut into a small square, wrapped in a small nylon paper, and arranged in boxes. Me xung is tasty, especially for a sweet tooth. Besides, as a specialty in Hue, people always use this in some cozy meetings with acquaintances, therefore this food is suitable as a souvenir.

3 days in hue

Hue royal tea

Hue royal tea is originally served in the royal court of the Nguyen Dynasty. With precious herbs and delicious taste, many people use this tea for better health. This tea is suitable for all ages, so this is very appropriate to be a souvenir for your family. Moreover, me xung and this tea are perfectly matched.

3 days in hue

Hue conical hats

These are the Vietnamese special hats, which are made from natural bamboo stalks and palm leaves. The artist will directly embroider the signature places or things in Hue, therefore each hat will become so special, so Hue, and undeniably attractive. Wearing this hat, you will feel like staying in Hue whenever you go. Moreover, the hat is good for proofing from the sun, not just looking nice.

Place: Da Le Market

3 days in hue

Final Thought

3 days in Hue is such an extraordinary trip, because this land still protects many attractions, has many world heritages recognized by UNESCO, and saves the ancient vibes of the old imperial. During the time enjoying Hue, tourists can have lots of delicious food and admire several picturesque sceneries. When you’re saying Hue by its name, we are sure that you are recalling the rhythm of Hue’s signature music in your head. So if you have an opportunity to visit Hue, please don’t miss it. 

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